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Teachers consistently give 360PD five stars for courses that are fun, succinct and useful today as well as preparing them for Google Educator Certification.

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360PD bridges technology and instruction with a scalable, cost effective, data driven ongoing professional development solution that provides immediately useful strategies that work using BOTH online and face to face technology.

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Conquer Distance Learning

All things Distance Learning in one effective course filled with concrete examples, ideas, and resources to boost your confidence with teaching online using Google and your existing materials. 

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Google Educator Level 1 Certification Prep

Everything you need to learn to prepare yourself to take Google Certification Test.

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Promethean ActivPanel Courses

The perfect self-paced online course for the everyday teacher new to Promethean’s ActivPanel technology. Engaging step by step videos guide teachers through both the Promethean hardware and software essentials.

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Promethean ActivInspire Courses

ActivInspire is the backbone of millions of teacher and publisher created lessons and assessments aligned to virtually every standard as well as learning and teaching style.

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FREE Video Guides

Detailed Video Guides For Your Promethean Titanium and Nickel ActivPanels. Free Access With Quick Timestamp Links To The Content You Need!

Teachers take short, engaging on-demand lessons with all the basics of Google Classroom but in the context of real lessons modeling best practices.

Novices may take it step by step while veterans may jump directly to a video on the specific topic they need to make tomorrow’s lesson equally engaging both in the classroom and on a screen.

Individual schools and districts with thousands of teachers are successfully implementing 360PD to adapt to the new reality of both in class and virtual instruction.

How is your district preparing teachers for the possibility they may have to switch midstream from online and in class instruction this year should cases spike?

Will teachers have the time or the skills to prepare and teach both ways any given day?

Are you confident teachers can use their existing content with Google Classroom to present consistent and effective instruction to their students?

360PD teachers use the Google Classroom tools to effectively deliver their existing lessons and assessments, essential to student achievement.

Every teacher dreads one size fits all boring PD.

Unfortunately other’s PD is primarily rote, dry text while the Youtube experience is hit or miss more often lacking direction, quality and consistency.
Likewise, other companies miss the mark focusing mainly on point and click training, leaving the teacher to struggle on their own.

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