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As we continue to create new courses for all of our valued members and customers, here on 360pd.com, we also wanted to create a place where we can share some quick tips and tricks, along with the latest ed-tech updates. We started sharing these new ideas through our “What’s Up Wednesday” emails as weekly reminders. Whether you use Promethean, Google, or other classroom hardware and software, you will love our tips and tricks. If you are not on our subscribers list, we encourage you to use the easy form on this page to register and receive out weekly tips and tricks directly in your inbox!


What’s Up Wednesday

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formatting efficiently in google apps video

We know as a teacher you are BEYOND busy! With that in mind this week’s topic is super short and sweet but will also help you save time when it comes to formatting documents or assignments you are creating.

activinspire as a resource - screenshot

Did you know there is a full resource library built right into the ActivInspire software? If you’ve ever wondered how teachers build “those cool presentations in ActivInspire” this is how!

web conferencing with promethean activpanel - presentation screenshot

Using your ActivPanel to host a Google Meet, Zoom, Webex, whatever the platform is, is a great way to continue teaching your lessons the way you are used to and have your virtual students still actively part of the class.

windowing with promethean activpanel titanium screenshot

Split your screen on your computer to work more efficiently with your ActivPanel Titanium! Introducing ActivPanel Windowing!

activpanel screenshare screenshot

Let’s get you acquainted with how you can use user profiles with your Version 7 Element Series ActivPanel.

udpating activpanel system video screenshot

Let’s get you acquainted with how you can use user profiles with your Version 7 Element Series ActivPanel.

activpanel user profiles

Let’s get you acquainted with how you can use user profiles with your Version 7 Element Series ActivPanel.

Now is a great time to organize your Google Drive so you’ll thank yourself next school year when you return to a nice and neat workspace!

With a busy schedule, it can be difficult to fit in lengthy professional development. Twitter can be a resource to finding just what you need in small doses of PD that are personal to your growth.

Looking for ways to work smarter not harder when it comes to ActivInspire Flipcharts? Quit spending hours reinventing the wheel and building from scratch and check out Promethean’s Resource Library.

When students struggle with reading, all other subjects can suffer as well. Microsoft has a tool that can ease the student’s ability to comprehend and enables the accessibility for all students to be successful.

Classflow is a cloud-based lesson delivery software with advanced collaboration tools for student engagement. Since Classflow is essentially a website, it can be used on any device or any operating system that has a web browser.

Google Slides is more than just your average presentation tool. Learn how to leverage many of the great features of Google Slides for both virtual and face to face learning environments.

You may not be able to bring your students on a field trip this semester, but you can bring the field trips to them virtually. Explore where to find trips that blend with your curriculum or just for fun and discover ways to turn a virtual field trip into a learning experience.

Coding in the classroom is trending in education. With your students being away from the classroom, there are few easy and few Coding projects you can send to your students. Whether it be drag and drop block coding or Javascript, these resources are great to have in your teacher toolkit.

Learn how to pair your curricular materials like Guidebooks 2.0 and Eureka Math worksheets with Kami, a Google App that allows you to assign and edit any type of document (PDF included) within Google Classroom.

Google Meet is a video conferencing service that is part of your G Suite for Education account which allows you to chat with and present to your students and/or colleagues. This is a quick course on everything you need to know to get started using Google Meet today.

If you are thinking of going live with your students, Zoom can be a benefit right now. Before you press that button, we can walk you through the basics, the settings, and a few tips to help guide the way.

We know you have been loving ActivInspire for years, but we want to take this time to showcase our favorite features and discuss new additions from the Fall 2019 update.

Screencastify is the #1 free screen recorder for Chrome. No download required. Record, edit and share videos in seconds. Screencastify is also offering the premium version FREE during this time. We will walk you through how to make screen recordings in seconds and give you some ideas on how to incorporate screencastify in your lessons.

Build internal project hubs, team sites, public-facing websites, and more. With the Google Sites, building websites is easy. Just drag content where you need it.

Check out these great keyboard shortcut tips to increase productivity when working digitally. Are you up for a shortcut challenge?

Discover the hidden remote learning tools within your Office 365 and Windows 10 computers. Take out the stress of finding a “free for a limited time” tool to reach your students. With Office 365 and Windows 10, you have free tools right at your fingertips. We’ll help you find them.

Discover ways you can assist your parents in the at-home learning environment with ClassDojo and GoNoodle.

Find all types of quizzes for your students and kids with Quizizz, and get a handle on any topic with Quizlet flashcards and games.

Google Classroom and Math, with practical examples using ever so popular Eureka Math resources.

BrainPop and Khan Academy – sharing two great and trusted resources covering many topics to keep your kids engaged and curious, while also having fun.

Google Classroom is definitely one of the most used resources now. Here we share how to navigate around the Google Classroom with some practical examples.

Use IXL to create rosters, find practice tests, use analytics and more. Answer Math questions in prodigy and win challenges by playing a game.

The idea of remote learning can be a challenge in the lower grades. Discover ways you can assist your parents in the at-home learning environment as well.

Our favorite websites for distance learning. Engage your students with Epic! online library and with videos on Edpuzzle to engage your visual learners.

Use Google Sites to build class websites, for students portfolio/projects, and for classroom spotlight, to support your current virtual learning environment.

activinspire settings panel screenshot

These easy steps will help you enable multimedia objects in ActivInspire so you can use animated features rather than just selecting an object.

Great new features in Google slides for 2020 – skip slide, insert audio, make a copy… are the three quick tips and tricks from axipd.com.

Bring PDFs to life in the blink of an eye. Check out these easy ways for you and your students to interact with your content!

Interact with student devices using ActivInspire! Engagement tool built right into the ActivInspire software – get immediate feedback from your students!

Learn how to integrate Spinner, Timer, and Capture app with your instruction on the ActivPanel using the Whiteboard app, or use stand alone.

Teach with the Promethean infinite Whiteboard on your ActivPanel. Change backgrounds, bring multiple students at the same time. Customize and much more.

Update your ActivConnect G or OPS G for the latest features and performance improvements on your ActivPanel. Watch the video for detailed instructions.

Set yourself for success in the new year with these five great tips. Stay organized and on top of things with your Google Drive.

Promethean has released a new resource library and, If you are a long time Promethean user, think Promethean Planet, but with a new vibe.

We are taking your very familiar Microsoft Word and Powerpoint and discussing ways to bring those files to the next level with these easy to implement tips.

google fonts samples

If you love all the unique features of Google Docs but feel the fonts are sometimes lacking, these three tips will definitely change your mind.

downloading apps from google store video thumbnail image

Spice up your ActivConnect or OPS-G with these apps straight from the Google Playstore: WPS Office, Word Cookies, Google Keep.

Teacher friendly dashboard, import PDF files, turn them into flipcharts, import SMART Notebook® files, New All-In-One Teacher timer, and more.