Updating Your ActivConnect G or OPS-G

Updating Your ActivConnect G or OPS-G

Have you ever seen someone doing something really cool on their smartphone and go “OMG HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!” and they respond “It’s in the newest update!”? We’ve all been there, so amused and ready to update our phone so that we can do the same “cool” things they are doing. If you have a Promethean ActivPanel in your classroom this same concept is true for the ActivConnect G or OPS G that is part of your ActivPanel unit. Remember the ActivConnect G, sometimes called the ACON-G, and the OPS-G are Android based systems. That means just like your phones, these systems have updates too! We encourage users to check a few times a year for updates, one of those times being around back to school from the holiday break. So…this is your reminder to make sure you are up to date :)! Promethean’s latest update was released in December, and if you are like us, December already feels like 100 years ago, so if you missed the memo on that one, you definitely have an update to get the latest version of

Updating is super easy and we’ve included a little instructional video below to help you out. Please note that this instructional video will include how to update if you are on a new Version 7 Titanium or Nickel ActivPanel as well as Version 6, Version 5, and iSeries Activpanels. Make sure to watch the part that applies to the type of panel you are teaching on. And if it’s been a “hot second” since you last updated your panel, you may have more than one update to run. The panel will tell you when you are at the latest version by showing a green check mark when you hit the “update” button. Teacher to teacher, we suggest doing this after school or on your planning period when you know you will have a good chunk of time before needing your ActivPanel to teach. The update shouldn’t take long if you have been regularly updating in the past, but just in case, we want to make sure the update is not interrupting instructional time.

If you need any help or run into any technical issues please don’t hesitate to put in a support ticket with our team. You can do this 24/7 using the following link https://axiedu.com/ticket/ or by visiting axiedu.com and clicking “support”.

To learn more about your Promethean Activpanel don’t forget to check out our ActivPanel courses on this site!

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