Time-Saving Tips and Tricks – Keyboard Shortcuts

Time-Saving Tips and Tricks – Keyboard Shortcuts

If you perform routine administrative tasks (grading and notifying students, giving assignments, etc.) you have probably felt that you are losing time by completing tasks by the click-clik-click method.

You can change “time lost” to “time saved” by using some of the many tricks and strategies that Google Classroom tools provide. Every teacher who knows about GC has their favorite time-savers. Here are some of ours.

This post complements material presented at a LACUECares educator development event held on November 3, 2020. You can find recordings of all event sessions here.

Our goal is to provide you with information that’s useful, engaging, and easy to use. We welcome your comments or examples of time-saving keyboard tips and best practices. To share your knowledge and experience, contact us today.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The unglamorous list of keyboard shortcuts takes pride of place as our first example of time-saving prowess. Why? Because it is oh-so-familiar, and it includes the standard items that help you finish all those familiar, time-gobbling tasks with ease.

Have you ever wondered how much time you could save by using keyboard shortcuts?

Andrew Cohen, CEO and founder of Brainscape Academy, came up with an inventive way to find out. His calculation uses the premise that people lose 2 seconds every time they use the mouse to switch back and forth between windows or commands, instead of using a keyboard shortcut. If using a digital device with a keyboard is your primary function, the calculation would look something like this:

[2 wasted seconds / min] * [480 min / workday] * [240 workdays / year] = 64 wasted hours / year

If your workdays are eight hours long, that’s a whopping eight days lost. This is solid work time, no coffee or bathroom breaks, watching the crows in the park, nada. And this formula assumes that you lose only two seconds per mouse click. Frankly, that’s a bit fast for me. In my experience, three seconds sound more likely.

With that in mind, here are keyboard shortcuts for Chromebook users.

chromebook keyboard shortcuts

Notice that the first graphic contains standard keyboard tasks. The second set of commands go a step further by providing multi-task commands that save even more time than the standard list.

keyboard shortcuts graphic

Control + Shift + T

Reopen Previously Closed Tab

Control + Shift + V

Pastes With Formating

Control + D

Duplicates Text/Image/etc
one less step from Control+C/Control+V to copy paste

Control + F

Easily search any document/spreadsheet/etc for specific words or values

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