The 4-1-1 on Google Doc Fonts

The 4-1-1 on Google Doc Fonts

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If you love all the unique features of Google Docs but feel the fonts are sometimes lacking, this week’s “What’s Up Wednesday” is made just for you! We’ve got some great font tips and tricks that you and your students will both enjoy!

Tip 1:
The Google Fonts team has teamed up with Thomas Jockin to create a series of fonts that are aimed at improving reading speeds. What teacher doesn’t love that! Google is now offering eight different “Lexend” font families that have varied widths and spacing. Don’t see this in your font drop down? No worries! Click in your font drop down, choose more fonts, and search the “Lexend” font.

Tip 2:
If you’ve already searched the “more fonts” pre-existing in Google and still aren’t finding what you want check out the Google Docs add on “Extensis Fonts” This add-on will give you access to TONS of great fonts. So for our “font lovers”… you’re welcome! How do you get add-ons? Open a Google Doc, select the add-on tab in the top left, then select “get add-ons”. This will bring you to a mini add-on browser where you can search “Extensis Fonts” or scroll until you find it. Because its so popular it’s usually at the top!

Tip 3:
Ok, we LOVE this one! Open a new tab and go to Google created this site to allow you to easily see text in various font versions. You can even type in a custom phrase to get a preview. This is truly a time saver when picking fonts for newsletters, student worksheets, etc.

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