Since 2008 over 20,000 educators have enrolled in AXI professional development sessions — many teachers registering for every available syllabus because the PD is practical and immediately applicable.

AXI assists districts and schools in the development of custom professional development plans focused on their unique goals and resources using their existing and new technology. Every group of teachers presents a unique blend of needs, experience, strengths, comfort and confidence in technology.

Our Teaching and Learning consultants have conducted hundreds of practical PD sessions with workshops customized for each district, school, grade, subject area and technology level, each encouraging 21st Century Teachers to create authentic learning environments.

Professional Development Resources for Everyday Teachers

We built this professional development site just for you – the everyday teacher with little time to spare. Every teacher leaves with something useful and practical that they can use successfully the next day.

Your Online Skills Library

Get oriented with Promethean hardware and software on your own time. Get your free account for AXI, Promethean customers and access practical Get Started PD video tutorials on this site. Keep checking in for more popular solutions, exemplar lessons, curriculum resources and more!

Technology is just one of the brushes. Teachers are the artists

AXI Education Solutions is entirely focused on empowering the everyday teacher. No matter where your level of comfort falls in “all things geeky”, we are here to help you make incremental shifts in instruction through the use of technology.

The same best practices principles apply when teaching using Promethean, Smart, Google, Mimeo or any digital platform, curriculum or assessment.

Why technology?

Technology is one of the easiest ways to level the playing field for ALL students by reaching multiple levels of learning while meeting individual learning styles and student needs. We help you build 21st Century learning environments by seamlessly integrating interactive classroom technology with curriculum, instruction, and research-based professional development models to support college and career readiness for every child regardless of social or economic background. Contact us today for a free consultation on your Professional Development goals.