New Year, New You – 5 Tips to Organizing Your Google Drive

New Year, New You – 5 Tips to Organizing Your Google Drive

New Year, new you! This week we want to help you start your New Year on the right foot by getting your Google Drive organized! We’ve put together FIVE easy tips to get you started…ok I lied, its really six because we just couldn’t help ourselves! Enjoy!

  1. Create a master folder for each year
  2. Use consistent naming for folders (units, lesson, week, etc.)
  3. Move content that you need from “shared with me” to your drive
  4. Star/Color Code folders and files for ease of access
  5. Leave shared with me ALONE! Once you move files you need leave that tab alone. You have unlimited space so there is no need to delete items from that folder. Save yourself the stress!

And because we love ya, here’s one extra tip… don’t forget the search feature. This feature is located at the top of your Drive. Click the drop down menu to filter your search to make finding files faster and easier! Even the most organized Google users call on the search bar to cruise through their Drives!

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