FYI-Microsoft Word and Powerpoint

FYI-Microsoft Word and Powerpoint

Today we are taking your very familiar Microsoft Word and Powerpoint software and discussing ways to bring those files to the next level with these easy to implement tips.

Tip 1: Inking (or draw tools) in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint- When you are using a windows computer along with an interactive touch display Microsoft Word/Powerpoint allows you to incorporate drawing or “inking” tools. Think expo board meets word document! This means that those existing documents you had can now become interactive for you and your students without having to rely on another application for annotation tools.

Tip 2: PDFs- Did you know that with certain version of Microsoft Word you can actually import PDFs?! This is a game changer because we all know that PDFs are “flat” and require us to print them for use under a document camera or use another tool like ActivInspire’s Desktop Annotate. With Microsoft Word, once you import the PDF, you can use the inking tools mentioned in Tip 1 and easily work right along with your students on PDF files. Another great perk of using this method, when you make annotations they stick in place and don’t scroll with the page as you move! Woohoo! You can also save the notes with your annotations for uploading to your LMS, printing for students who were absent, sharing with a co-teacher, etc.

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