Keyboard Shortcut Challenge

Keyboard Shortcut Challenge

This week we are chatting about keyboard shortcuts and sharing this great resource from Matt Miller at Ditch That Textbook. Check out these great ways for you, and your students, to increase productivity when working digitally. Are you up for the challenge? We know you can do it! Check it out here!

We’ve also included some of our TLC favorites- we practice what we preach!

TLC Favorites:

Angela Kiser, NBCT

Angela loves these great shortcuts when using a Windows operating system.

Windows + L = Lock your computer
Windows + h = Dictate tool
Windows +  ; = Emojis you can add

Marcus uses “Control + D” to duplicate objects and slides in Google Slides to whip up presentations for professional development faster than ever!

Meagan Markerson photo

Meagan’s longtime favorite is “alt + tab”. She loves this one as a person who works with several browser windows and applications open at once. Alt + tab allows you to easily toggle between the applications without a bunch of clicking!

Kelli Deranger photo

If you find yourself working with tons of tabs at once, you’ll be a fan of Kelli’s favorite: “Control + Shift + T”. Reopens tab(s) that you previously closed. This works great too if you accidentally close the whole Chrome (or whatever browser) window. It will restore all your tabs that were open before you closed the window.

Amy has been using “Control + P” so much in the last 3 weeks with homeschool because it allows her to print the screen without downloading the content. She uses it if she needs the directions, or a quick reference point, to stick in front of a test or essay for her kiddos as a reminder to keep them on track!

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