Google Slides Tips and Tricks

Google Slides Tips and Tricks

Tip 1:

Skip Slide

Have you ever been teaching and found yourself skipping through slides that weren’t necessary to that day’s lesson? You skip too far forward, then try and skip back, and 5 minutes later you are finally to the slide you were looking for! Sound familiar? We’ve all been there but Google Slides has a fix! Rather than deleting those slides that you might need later you can simply “skip” them. When working in editing mode, right click on the thumbnail of the slide(s) you’d like to skip and click “skip”. You’ll notice the slide is still there but there will be an eye icon with a line through it representing that, that slide will not show when in presentation mode.

Tip 2:

Inserting Audio

This feature came out back in November and we are loving it. You cannot directly record through Google Slides (as of now) but it is super easy to record your own sound bites through sites like and then insert them into your presentation. This is great for recording oral directions in a self paced presentation you may be sharing with your students or even have students use it for work they may be turning in to you. You can find this under the “insert” menu along with images and videos.

Tip 3:

Make A Copy 2.0

The beauty of Google is the ease of things like creating a copy of a document or presentation. File, make a copy, and bam it’s in your Drive. But now you can take it a step further and save time editing the copy. You can now select file, make a copy, and then choose selected slides! Thanks Google!!!

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