Google Sites for Virtual Learning – Sneak Peek

Google Sites for Virtual Learning – Sneak Peek

We are committed to supporting you during this unprecedented time and we will continue to tailor our weekly tips and tricks in order to provide you with the information that you can implement in your virtual lessons.

We felt strongly that Google Sites is a very relevant topic that fits with the current need for virtual/distance learning. I know you may be thinking, “But we use Google Classroom…”, or “My district doesn’t use Google for Education…” If one, or both of those, apply to you, not to worry! Google Sites is a great side by side feature to Google Classroom AND you can use it through a personal Google account if your school or district doesn’t use Google for Education.

Google Sites is great for many reasons, but here are a few we love:

Class Website:
Parents cannot enroll in your Google Classroom because their emails are outside of the district domain. Google Sites allows you to build a teacher/class website that can easily be shared through a url. This is a great way to communicate with parents on a daily/weekly basis as they work with their children at home.

Student Portfolios/Projects:
Students can use Google Sites to build a portfolio of work throughout the year or while students are working from home this would be a great tool to use for student projects or sharing what their daily life is like learning and working from home.

Classroom Spotlight:
Display stellar models of student work throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to build and share a virtual classroom community to showcase what other students are doing while learning at home for their classmates to see. Share a link to the site on your Google Classroom page for students and send it to parents so they can access it too!

To get a peek at Google Sites check out a clip from our Google Level 1 Certification/ Distance Learning with Google Tools course, here on!

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