FREE Flipcharts!

FREE Flipcharts!

Calling all Promethean Activboard and ActivPanel users! This week’s “What’s Up Wednesday” will be right up your alley. If you love ActivInspire but don’t have the time to build those “fancy flipcharts” we have a solution you’ll love. Promethean has released a new resource library that focuses solely on Activinspire flipcharts. If you are a long time Promethean user, think Promethean Planet, but with a new vibe. You can find this resource library by visiting

Once there, log in using your Promethean credentials, or the Google/Microsoft shortcut, and begin downloading or creating your very own flipchart collections. With more than 40,000 flipcharts and counting there is something for everybody to enjoy. And remember, once you download them, they are yours to edit to fit the needs of your classroom and students! One last tip… if you are already using ActivInspire and have the latest version you can access the resource library through your ActivInspire Dashboard too!

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