Frequently Asked Questions

How is 360PD different than other training platforms or the Google Teacher Center?

Many online training platforms, as well as the teacher center, are primarily rote, dry text with little to no instructor engagement. 360PD engages users in fun, relaxed, courses that teach skills in the context of how they will be utilized in a classroom and school environment.

What is the lesson framework of 360pd?

360PD is made up of courses that contain numerous modules. Within each module are various topics. Topics contain time stamps so users can quickly jump to skills they need to learn about.

How many courses does 360PD offer?

The 360PD course library is always growing. Currently 360PD offers eight major course pathways.

Can schools/districts request custom content?

360PD can work with districts to create custom content. Please request information on this when requesting your school or district quote.

How long are 360PD subscriptions good for?

Typically subscriptions are one-year. If you would like a different time frame for your subscription please let us know when requesting your quote.

When using the message thread, how quickly can I expect to receive feedback from an instructor?

Feedback and questions are addressed within 24-48 hours. Most often instructors are able to reach out much quicker than that.

How long are the videos in each module/course?

The video lengths vary depending on the content. All topic videos contain timestamps to allow users to quickly jump between skills if needed.

Can teachers subscribe on their own without being part of a school or district group?

Yes! 360PD offers individual, school, and district licenses.

If I am a school/district leader how can I monitor what my teachers are doing within the platform?

School leaders have access to Group Management reporting. With this feature, school leaders can view course progress and assessment results.

If I am a teacher how can I view my course work and achievements?

All users have access to their My Dashboard page where they can view their course work, progress, and achievements like certificates of completion, badges, and course transcripts.

Can I get professional learning credit for this course?

You will receive a certificate of completion for each course and module from 360PD. This is a standard certificate without any affiliations.

Can I curate a list of videos to come back to later?

Users can use the “favorite” feature within each topic video to curate and save videos to watch again later. The video lists save in your My Dashboard page. 

Are the 360PD trainers certified/qualified?

All instructors on the 360PD platform are highly qualified and certified teachers with years of classroom experience and. Instructors taught a variety of grade levels and subject areas in the classroom which allow them to provide a well rounded view of various grade levels and subjects in content examples in the 360PD courses. Google course instructors are Google Educator Certified.

Why not just use YouTube?

While online instructional technology support can be found with a simple Google Search, oftentimes teacher content isn’t targeted to a specific content area or teaching strategy. Additionally, without progress monitoring and analytics, school leaders cannot evaluate the effectiveness of most freeware teacher training.

How Do I Register?

To register on go to You will need an enrollment code in order to register.

How to obtain an enrollment code?

If you are a Promethean hardware user (ActivPanel or ActivBoard) you will find the enrollment code on the sticker on the front of your hardware. If you cannot find this code please contact the Teaching and Learning Consultant your school/district works with.

Why can’t I watch videos beyond the intro to a course or module?

If you are only able to watch the introductory video you need to log in to the site to continue the rest of the course/module. If you do not have an account please register by visiting

If I need help how do I get in touch with someone?

If you are able to log in please utilize the “message” tab or “message thread” to reach out to the 360PD team.
If you are not able to log in please email with your question.

I need proof of my work on 360pd for my school leader. Where can I find that?

Visit the “dashboard” tab to view course work, transcripts, badges, and certificates.

I have completed a course but it does not say 100% on my dashboard.

In order for your course to show 100% you must watch all videos in the course/module including the introduction and the recaps.

I have completed Google Level 1 Prep Course and I am ready for the Level 1 Certification. Where do I go now?

The Google Level 1 Certification test is conducted through the Google Teacher Center. You will need to visit their site and register/pay for your test.

360PD does not have access to your account in the Google Teacher Center. If you have any issues with your test or account in the Teacher Center you will need to reach out to the Google Support Team

The videos will not appear or play when I go to my course work but everything else on the site is working.

If you are watching videos on a school network and the videos will not open/load your school technology department could have Vimeo, the host site for 360PD videos, blocked. Please reach out to your administrator or technology contact to have this enabled.