Google Educator Foundations

Google Educator Foundations

Google Educator Level 1 Certification Prep is now Google Educator Foundations!

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Everything you need to learn to prepare yourself to take Google Certification Test. This course is organized and presented in an easy to follow and fun way. Start with Learning about the basics of teaching with the Google Cloud and progress through the following modules.

To become Google Certified you will need to pass the Google Educator Level 1 exam provided by Google. You will need to visit the Google Teacher Center and make an account to register for the test.

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  • Marcus is the perfect combination of expert and charisma! Great job to all of the presenters as well.

  • Thank you for everything and all the presenters were great and easy to understand.

  • It was great learning from you again Marcus! Everyone was great! This course is very helpful! Thanks!

  • Very informative and engaging!! Love being able to go back and review when I need to.

  • This was very helpful to me. I have not been great with technology, and now I am more comfortable using the Google Sites and other resources. The presenters were very good. Marcus kept me engaged throughout the modules. He also helped to make me feel more comfortable. L. Combs

  • This was very informative. It will be a great resource to reference back to as needed! -L.Whitty

  • This was very helpful and engaging. Marcus was AWESOME…the absolute best presenter of any pd I have ever attended!! -SBell

  • I really enjoyed this course especially Marcus. He made learning fun!!

  • I really enjoyed watching all the videos and learning all i could about Google. i am looking forward to use my new Google Classroom this Fall. Thank you

  • Thank you! I have been a Google disciple for several years and it’s always interesting to learn new things. I’m encourgaged to teach in a hybrid situation now. I appreciate all the positive encourgement in this learning process.

  • I totally enjoyed watching all the videos and learning everything I could about Google! I am very excited to use my new Google Classroom this fall. But, I am super excited about my new Google Web Site….Thank you, Marcus!

  • Excited about trying out what I learned!!! I enjoyed the videos. Thanks

  • I was very excited to learn all the available possibilities with google suite. I will definitely be using many of these resources from today on. The videos were very well done.

  • Great videos. I really have learned a lot about Google. All of the presenters were great. Marcus is so humorous and has an excellent way of keeping my attention.

  • I learned a lot during this course, and I will definitely apply it this coming school year. Thanks!!!

  • Loved the Marcus Videos!

    Liked that the videos were short and to the point.


  • I sure did learn a lot with this training. I hope that I can successfully navigate through Google when I really start using it.

  • Great training videos! I learned a lot! Thank you for all that you do!

  • I thought I knew quite a few things about using Googe, but this course helped me discover the full potential of the G Suite.

  • This course is a valuable tool to help anyone become more familiar with the great resources Google has to offer! The instructors are fun to watch, and they always give information that is valuable.

  • I thought I knew Google, but I learned so many tips and shortcuts. I am ready to put them to use:)

  • I learned SO much useful information from this course. I am very excited to start using this!

  • This course was awesome! I learned many knew things and even got my daughter interested in learning more about it.

  • I learned much about Google that I can share with my students and connect us in the future.

  • This was an excellent online course. I learned a great deal and this will help me to become more organized. I would like to thank all of the instructors. They made this course interesting and fun.

  • I’ve learned a lot!! I liked that segments were broken into short easy chunks.

  • Thank you! All the instructors made my coursework painless:) It is exciting learning about Google!

  • Well I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. It just takes a little longer. There are a lot of really neat things we can do to help our students and our selves. Very informational. Thanks

  • I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course! I can’t wait to start implementing everything that I’ve learned!


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