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Conquer Distance Learning

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As many teachers around the country are preparing to transition to working from home, the demand for online resources for teachers and students has never been higher. This is why we took our existing Google Certification Prep course content and re-purposed it with the emphasis on how to harness the power of Google tools and Google Classroom to seamlessly transition from our classrooms to the virtual, online teaching and learning.

This course will address the following objectives:

  • How to get started with creating your new virtual environment with Google Drive
  • Transitioning from paper to digital assignments
  • Assessing students’ work
  • Creating and delivering self paced and engaging presentations
  • Tying it all together with Google Classroom
  • Navigate your new virtual environment with ease
  • Plan, Organize, and Communicate with your students online
  • Communicate with parents, post information and keep them up to date

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Meagan Markerson, M.Ed.
Coordinator of Professional Development, Teaching and Learning Consultant
Marcus Stein
Marcus Stein, M.Ed.
Director of Professional Development
Kelli Deranger, M.Ed.
Director of Curriculum and Innovation
Angela Kiser, NBCT
Teaching and Learning Consultant

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