ActivPanel Course 3 – Engagement With Your Existing Content

ActivPanel Course 3 – Engagement With Your Existing Content

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Marcus Stein
Marcus Stein, M.Ed.
Director of Professional Development

This course is designed for teachers who are already connected to the ActivPanel and who are already instructing with the ActivPanel and/or the ActivConnect.

If you still haven’t completed the ActivPanel First Steps course, and you haven’t setup your computer and equipment, go back a few steps and get it together! Or simply enroll in our ActivPanel First Steps Course, and learn the basics before exploring the instructional strategies in this course because you’ll be applying those basics to delivering lessons with your existing teaching materials.

Skill LevelBeginner +
Course ObjectiveThe instructor will be able to use existing content with the ActivPanel in order to make instruction more engaging and meaningful.
Topics Covered
  • Interacting with Microsoft Office Files
  • ActivInspire Desktop Annotation and PDF importing
  • Engagement in the Chrome Browser
Total DurationAll Video Modules: 24min
Course AssessmentFinal Quiz

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