ActivInspire Intermediate Tools and Strategies
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4.3 rating
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Meagan Markerson, M. Ed.

Meagan Markerson, M. Ed.

Coordinator of Professional Development, Teaching and Learning Consultant

Course Summary: You’ve got all your software downloaded and set up, and you’ve learned a few tips and tricks, in this module you will build upon those foundational skills to elevate your existing lessons and increase student engagement. There is a world of ActivInspire features waiting to help you work smarter not harder!

Skill Level Beginner +
Course Objective The instructor will be able to couple existing materials with ActivInspire skills to make instruction more engaging.
Topics Covered
      • ActivInspire Deep Dive: Dashboard and Toolbar
      • Working with PDFs in ActivInspire
      • Student Engagement with Classflow Connect
Course Scope and Sequence
Welcome Video 1:39
Deeper Dive into the ActivInspire Dashboard 20:58
Making PDFs Engaging with ActivInspire 7:28
Create Engagement with Classflow Connect 8:53
Recap – ActivInspire Intermediate Tools and Strategies 1:12
Total Video Module Duration 40min
Course Assessment Final Quiz

Course Reviews

ActivInspire Advanced Pd

5.0 rating

I found this pd very helpful and all information was direct and to the point.

Kelly Zito


3.0 rating

Since I have updated my laptop the resource library no longer shows up. Therefore, I am unable to follow along with some of the videos.

Dana Gegenheimer

Response from 360PD

If you updated the ActivInspire software and still are not seeing the Resource Libary pop up like in the attached image it could be that the dashboard is just hiding, so to speak. In the ActivInspire software try clicking “view” either from the toolbar or in the upper left-hand corner of the program and then select “dashboard.” Then you will see the same pop-up that is in the attached picture. You can also type the following URL in your internet browser: it does not have to be clicked through the software itself.

Awesome features

5.0 rating

I never knew that ActivInspre could do so much/ I wish I was at work so that I could actually try some of these out. Great presentation!


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