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In this quickstart course, we’re going to acclimate you to your ActivBoard 500Pro so that your Promethean Board activities are just as colorful and dynamic as the colorful bulletin board in the back of your room. Yes, the time has come for you to finally learn how to effectively integrate your ActivBoard 500Pro into your instruction.

Marcus Stein, M. Ed.

Marcus Stein, M. Ed.

Director of Professional Development
Skill Level Beginner +
Course Objective The instructor will be able to seamlessly connect to the ActivBoard 500Pro and perform basic operations on the screen
Topics Covered
  • ActivBoard 500Pro Hardware Overview
  • Downloads and Updates for your Computer
  • Connecting to the ActivBoard and performing basic operations
  • Promethean Software Overview
Total Duration All Video Modules: 60min
Course Assessment Final Quiz

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