Course Reviews

An awesome learning experience

5.0 rating

This was a great adventure. I have learned so much that I can’t wait to try. Who would ever have thought creating a website would be so easy. The presenters were encouraging and motivating. Each presenter did an awesome job!



5.0 rating

The course was great and the people teaching the course were very informative

Maggie Futch

Learn Basic Google Information

5.0 rating

Google information is presented by two highly knowledgeable presenters.



5.0 rating

This has been an amazing learning experience. Each presenter was efficient in the presentation.

David H.

Easy to follow for non-tech savvy

5.0 rating

This course was easy to follow and broken down into manageable sections to avoid information overload. I liked being able to stop and rewind and replay as needed to make sure I was comprehending the material.

Cherie Soileau

User friendly

4.0 rating

This course was very user friendly and easy to navigate for lessons you want to review.

Wali Shabazz

Great material

5.0 rating

Very helpful.

Joseph Williams

Great info

5.0 rating

This course is very helpful in learning Google Suite applications. Other great information about add-ons, extensions, and other tips is also included. This course is great for teachers and others wanting to learn about how to use Google apps.


Fundamentals of going google!

5.0 rating

Thorough job of google training.

Amy White

Google Training

5.0 rating

Very informative and helpful. The trainers were great and easy to follow.

Steven Engle

Google Cert

5.0 rating

Thoroughly detailed and thorough videos

Amy Coyne

Loved The Training

5.0 rating

The training was great and I learned a lot of information in a short period of time. Hopefully I will remember it all lol.

Shirley Prendergast

This training was very thorough and easy to understand.

5.0 rating

The presenters were very knowledgeable and presented the information in a manner easy to understand.

Debra Adams

A+ Google Educator Training

5.0 rating

Google Educator Level 1 Training was easy to follow, the instructors were engaging and upbeat, and the the course was informative. I learned a lot of new things throughout this training that I will apply to my everyday Google use!

Johnnette Bilbo

Google Training

4.0 rating

Overall, it was very informative. I particularly liked the modules on google docs, classroom, and the tips given on how to use google more effeciently.

Renee Hamm

Very In-Depth

5.0 rating

Very good insight to all of the Google features that our school uses!

Christopher Sims

Google Training 360PD

5.0 rating

I loved being able to work at my own pace! Thank you to all of the presenters for delivering great instruction. I cannot wait to use all of this to become a better educator and also to be more organized!!

Amy Richardson

Engaging and Informative

4.0 rating

I enjoyed the information. I had a hard time staying logged in but once in the presenters gave the information needed to be successful.

Pamela Terry

Best PD ever!! So engaging!!

5.0 rating

I absolutely loved this PD… truly one of the best ever. It was so engaging and I love being able to go back and review as needed.


Great Training!!

5.0 rating

All the modules were great and easy to follow! Would recommend this training to anyone!

B. Ladner

Super fun to watch

5.0 rating

It kept my attention the whole time. Was not boring and it gave a lot of good information


Great information

4.0 rating

This was a great course that will help me if I have to teach virtually and also with everyday use of google suite.

Molly Hammett

Great learning

5.0 rating

I have really enjoyed doing this cert! Even though I am pretty good with google there were a lot I did not know. I will be applying this information through my google!

K cloud

Wonderful Experience

5.0 rating

This has helped me grow and understand Google much better.

Stacey Ferguson


5.0 rating

Very informative. I’m looking forward to utilizing everything!

Taryn Green

One of the best!!

5.0 rating

I have done a lot of online training and I have to say that this one was one of the best. All of the trainers did a wonderful job presenting the material.

Samuel Parker

Google AXI360pd

5.0 rating

This was very informative and helpful. Marcus was so engaging…the absolute best presenter of any pd I have ever attended!


Google training

5.0 rating

Marcus is the man! He kept us completely entertained on his videos! I love him. I learned a lot on all of the videos that I did not know how to do before the training.


Overwhelming Amount of Material...Can't Wait to Use It!

5.0 rating

As I go through these videos a second time (more slowly and correctly), I have learned about numerous tools and ways to provide for my students. (I’ve also learned how to find all of those lost passwords!) Looking forward to implementing/learning/correcting/relearning the numerous tools, functions, and ideas from this training.

Chris Munsch


5.0 rating

This training was very informative and fun for me. I have been in training’s with Marcus before, and he makes it so exciting! There were a lot of things that I didn’t know about Google Drive and Google Classroom – the G Suite in general. Thanks for helping me work smarter, not harder!



5.0 rating

Great training

Preston Hervey

Excellent learning experience

5.0 rating

I have learned so much from this course. I am so excited about all of the cool stuff that I can use in my classroom this year while becoming a hybrid teacher for the first time. This course has more than prepared me for my year ahead. Thanks!!!

Celeste S

Best online PD ever

5.0 rating

This PD was engaging and hands-on. Thanks

Anne Wise

Very Helpful!

5.0 rating

Tied up some loose ends for me and made it easy to understand. Love being able to work along step by step!!

Amy George

Google Level 1 Certification Prep

5.0 rating

This training was amazing! The instructors were so genuine, and I could easily relate to them as educators. The balance of beginning level and intermediate level work kept me challenged without being frustrated! I highly recommend this course to others!!!

Kelly Landry Tullis

Super helpful!

5.0 rating

The information provided in these videos were super helpful. I really liked that the were broken down into short video clips so that it didn’t become overwhelming. I can’t wait to implement this new information in my classroom!

Laurie Coleman

Google Course Review

5.0 rating

I found the course to be very informative! Glad I took it!

Leah Nickel

GREAT Course!!!

5.0 rating

I really learned alot from this PD. Some of the tasks were a little challenging in the beginning due to the fact that I don’t use these programs regularly. However, each task became easier as I progressed to different modules. I especially enjoyed Marcus’s delivery. He was extremely engaging. Thanks for the AWESOME PD!

Contina Pierite

Wonderful Course!

5.0 rating

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this course. I’ve been using Docs, Sheets, Keep, Slides, etc…for years now, BUT I haven’t been using them effectively! I now know how to use the G Suite of apps much more effectively! Course design is great, and Marcus is so very engaging! Thanks.

Liza Jacobs

Awesome job!

5.0 rating

I thought I knew all about Google Suite until you taught me the little tips and tricks I had missed previously. Thanks for such a great fundamentals course.

Sarah Boatman

Awesome PDs

5.0 rating

I enjoyed watching the videos and learning from the speakers!

Brooke Anderson

Very useful information

5.0 rating

The presentations were very informative and easy to follow. I learned new things despite already using google. Plus, Marcus kept you entertained and engaged.

Brandy Dupont

Detailed Instructions

4.0 rating

This class had very detailed instructions that even beginners could navigate. I would beg that you would please turn off background music. It is extremely distracting.

Nettie Jeansonne

Learned so many useful things!

5.0 rating

At first I didn’t didn’t want to do the whole course. I was just going to hit on the things that I knew the least about. However, along the way I realized there was so much that I could learn about even the basic services I was already using that it was worth it to go over Every. Single. Module. !!!!

Neill Normand

Excellent Tutorial

5.0 rating

Great course! I now feel more confident using the Google Suite to make my tasks more efficient. I’ve learned to do many cool things in Google that I didn’t know before completing the course. The only negative is that I am not sure how I will continue on with my daily tasks without Marcus in my life! Love him!!!


Easy Learning

5.0 rating

Videos were to the point, interesting, not boring, and I always want to go to the next one. Very motivating.

Susan Bordelon

Very detailed!

5.0 rating

This is an awesome resource for beginners. It addresses every aspect a teacher new to Google needs to know. Though I am not new, the training re-enforced what I already knew and I also learned a few new things along the way. Thanks!!

Tara Moore

how I learned to google

4.0 rating

I really liked learning tips and tricks for classroom, slides.
I had never tried task and keep and really plan to use them.
Since I taught web design, powerpoint and excel in my past life. I really liked seeing the updates and new tools available

Monica Soileau

Google Training

5.0 rating

I really enjoyed the training. I learned a lot. I just hope that I can successfully navigate the system once I really start to dig deep and use it.

Christine Knight

Lots of great information!

5.0 rating

This was a great review of the features of “going Google”, and I learned a lot of neat little tricks that I didn’t know before. This semester is going to be much more productive thanks to this training!

Elizabeth Becker

Loved this training!

5.0 rating

This training was fun and jam packed with information. No wasted time at all! Marcus is wonderful!!!

Lisa Stewart

Google Training

5.0 rating

I thought I knew quite a bit about Google , but I learned some valuable tips about all the items.

K. Leonards

You can teach an old teacher new tricks!!

5.0 rating

I became a teacher at the age of 48….never dreamed of being tech savvy, but here I am!!! All the instructors were fabulous, but Marcus…WOW! Awesome!!! I enjoyed learning and am very excited that I was able to make a web page!!! I love it! Thank you all so much for teaching this old teacher some new tricks!!

Pauline Lyons

Very Informative

5.0 rating

I learned so much and can not wait to start using google in my classroom!


Amazing Course

5.0 rating

The course was very simple to follow and provided an extensive amount of useful information.

Dr. Webb

All Things Google!

5.0 rating

Awesome prep course. I learned many things that I never knew existed within Google. I find this course was very useful and educational!

Khasi Cart

Time Well Spent

5.0 rating

In the hustle bustle of teaching (& living), it was hard to make time for this training, but man, am I glad I did. These courses and step by step instructions will be instrumental in my teaching! Also, IF we are ever required to teach virtual again…this will be my life savior! Thanks to the team at AXIPD your exceptional work is appreciated.

Ali Cantrell

Google Training

5.0 rating

Great experience. It was very entertaining and engaging! Love all the new tools I will be able to implement in my classroom!

Kelli Bourque


5.0 rating

Each presenter did a great job bringing what could have been ‘boring’ information to life. Their personalities and enthusiasm kept my attention while I learned how to manage my classroom via Google. I appreciate the time and effort it took to create such an innovating professional development series.

Amie Taylor

A great course to get started OR to expand your G-Suite knowledge!

5.0 rating

This course has something for everyone! It is fantastic for beginners, but even for seasoned G-Suite users, there are pro tips and suggestions that are invaluable! The course is delivered in manageable increments that keep it from being overwhelming, and the course materials are an amazing resource.

Stacey Butera

Great Prep

4.0 rating

This was a great prep for the Google Level 1 Certification

Kieshauna Clayton

Learning was FUN!!!

4.0 rating

I enjoyed gaining more knowledge on the many uses of Google in my classroom. Had many laughs along the way with Marcus. Thanks for “sticking” with me while I learned!

Denise Stelly

Presenters and Information

5.0 rating

Great speakers and the information was very helpful. I have received many valuable tools to use in my teaching profession.

Angela Gray

Amazing Training

5.0 rating

This was a wonderful program. It was filled with information and tools that are useful and practical for teacher use.

Danielle Poimboeuf

Learned A Lot!

5.0 rating

I really enjoyed this course. I did not have a lot of experience with Google Classroom and this has enlightened me so much. Just scared of the test.

Edna Sue Bergeron

Best Experience Ever

5.0 rating

It was wonderful to be in the position of a student again. I actually looked forward to the smiles and positive attitudes of the presenters. Anyone can search how to complete Google tasks, but learning through these excellent, engaging, step-by-step videos is second to none. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process, and I look forward to applying all that I have learned. All of these presenters have definitely found the correct career to be involved in. Thanks!

Charlotte Cope

Hidden Assets

5.0 rating

Awesome apps and great ideas to use in my classroom!

Amanda Buchanan

Great course!

5.0 rating

This course has taught me so much that I did not know about Google. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable before but after taking this course I know SO much more about G Suite. Great presenters!

Celeste Broussard a good way!!

5.0 rating

I learned SO much from this course! The presenters were thorough and made it fun! I am excited to use what I’ve learned in my classroom!

Lanie M.

Google Educator Level 1 Certification

5.0 rating

Thank you for this training. It was easy to understand. I especially like being able to go over modules again. All of the trainers were excellent, but Marcus made me laugh aloud more than once.

Denise Meche

So much going on with Google

5.0 rating

I have only used a few Google features. I was unaware of all the other features Google has to offer and am excited to try them out!

Julie Leleux

I learned a lot!

5.0 rating

I went into the training thinking I knew a lot of the information that was going to be presented, however, I learned a lot! This was a very informative training and the presenters were fun.

Amy Guidry

A must do!

5.0 rating

Great course. Instructors kept every lesson fun and simple. I learned so much.

April Trahan

My favorite part was "I didn't know Google could do that"

5.0 rating

This PD was extremely helpful. I use Google daily at home and in my classroom so I was pretty familiar with most of the apps, but I learned sooo much more and am excited to put my new knowledge to work.

Celeste Stone

Great Course

5.0 rating

This was so helpful! I love that they broke it down into small sessions. The instructors kept it fun and interesting and made it easy to accomplish my goal!

Christy Dailey


5.0 rating

Very informative and fun to watch!


Enjoyable PD!!

4.0 rating

I truly enjoyed this professional development! Marcus was my fav but ladies you did and amazing job too! Thanks for making this experience a smooth process! I just wish the website wasn’t so glitchy! (If that is even a word!)

M. Smith

Distance Learning Course

5.0 rating

It was enjoyable and thorough. I was able to follow the instructions and practice as I went through the modules which enhanced my learning experience. Excellent!

Wilma Burroughs

Conquer Distance learning

5.0 rating

It was excellent!

Kathy Moses