Enabling Multimedia Objects in ActivInspire

Enabling Multimedia Objects in ActivInspire

We want to answer a common question we get from teachers using flipcharts: “Why don’t the multimedia objects work now that I’m on a panel?” Whether you are downloading from the Promethean Resource Library (https://resourcelibrary.mypromethean.com/), or using flip charts you once made and used on an Activboard, there is a specific setting in ActivInspire that you need to “switch on” now that you are on an ActivPanel. Without changing this setting you will only be able to select the multimedia object with the cursor and not actually utilize the animated feature. So how do you “switch on that setting?” Check out the steps and images below!

  1. Open ActivInspire
  2. Select the “file” drop down menu
  3. Select “settings”
  4. Select “multimedia”
  5. Make sure the check box “force overlay for flash” is selected
  6. Save your new settings by clicking “done”
  7. Restart ActivInspire
activinspire settings panel screenshot

And speaking of the Promethean Resource Library, if you haven’t checked it out yet add it to your to do list or bookmark it in your web browser! It is a great resource to find pre-made flipcharts so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

myPromethean Resource Library


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