Changing Your ActivPanel Background

Changing Your ActivPanel Background

This week we are addressing a common question we get about customizing the ActivPanel Element Series, “How do I change my ActivPanel background?” In just a few short steps we are going to get you set up with the new background of your choice!

While changing the background may seem like an aesthetic feature of the ActivPanel, many of our Promethean teachers say changing the background is actually used as part of their lesson. Check out some examples shared with us.

  • Social Studies – the background is used as a map or image of the current topic/unit of discussion.
  • ELA – teachers use a specific background image for a creative writing prompt.
  • All subjects – Behavior incentive. In this instance, at the end of the week, a star student gets to select the background image for the next week

Whatever reason for changing the background we hope you can add this to your toolbox of Promethean ActivPanel tips and tricks! Check it out below.

If you have an ActivPanel 4, 5, 6, or iSeries with an OPS-G or ActivConnect you can customize your background too! You will want to reference the following info on for directions specific to your hardware:

*Please note that in the video the instructor uses Chromium to download an image. Other browsers you may have installed on your device like Chrome can do the same function.

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