ActivPanel Elements Series Quick Tips

ActivPanel Elements Series Quick Tips

Published on: September 22nd, 2021 in What's Up Wednesdays
Author: Meagan Wiethorn, M. Ed.

This week we are answering some frequently asked questions about the ActivPanel Element Series when it comes to settings. From keyboard clicks, touch sounds, default browsers, uninstalling apps, and working with external storage we will give you a quick rundown so you can set up your ActivPanel to your liking!

Keyboard Clicks:
Unified Menu > Locker> Settings > System > Languages and Input > Virtual Keyboard > Android Keyboard > Preferences > Sound on keypress to “off”

Touch Sounds:
Unified Menu> Locker> Settings> Audio> toggle off Touch Sounds

Default Browser:
Unified Menu > Locker > Settings >Apps > Default Apps > Browser app

Uninstalling apps:
Unified Menu > Locker > Settings >Apps > App Info > select app you want to uninstall > uninstall

Ejecting external storage:
Unified Menu > Locker > Settings >Files > 3 dots in the right corner > storage settings >  eject
Unified Menu > Locker > Settings > Storage > Portable storage > click the eject icon

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