A New Resource for Teachers Using Promethean and Google

A New Resource for Teachers Using Promethean and Google

360 Pro PD is an online collection of courses for teachers who utilize Promethean interactive boards, panels, and ActivInspire software, who want to best leverage digital tools like Google Classroom and other resources to teach, engage, and inspire their students.

With our online course library you will be able to unlock all the "secrets" of Promethean's powerful and intuitive technology. In it, there is something for everyone — from how to get started with different types of Promethean ActivPanels and ActivBoards, to more advanced use cases, including teaching examples, resources, and troubleshooting solutions for common issues.

The courses are created by teachers who are Promethean and Google certified and have used these tools in a whole range of different classroom settings, including virtual or distance learning. The content is broken down into bite size pieces that are easy to digest and presented in a truly engaging and upbeat fashion with a touch of humor that reflects the enthusiasm of our presenters who "made the new learning so fun!", according to our loyal users. Something that's usually missing in the classic point-and-click professional development found online these days.

This is what education is all about!

Digging into the courses available on 360 ProPD, members can learn how to best leverage the power of Google Classroom, effectively manage their Promethean screen, or turn their panel into an infinite whiteboard canvas. Armed with these skills, teachers are creating user profiles, connecting to their favorite clouds, integrating learning apps and much, much more.

"Every topic was taught with ease, in a fun-filled and interesting way. It kept me glued to the screen the whole time I was watching this..."Nasir

Weekly Tips in Your Inbox

Within the 360 ProPD course catalog, we also cover various digital tips and tricks with real classroom examples that teachers really appreciate. These quick video’s provide an explanation of features and also how and where to use them effectively. Teachers have the option of receiving these tips directly to their inbox when they sign up for our weekly mailing list called ‘What's Up Wednesday’.

In addition to learning trending digital competencies, the 360 ProPD courses also prepare teachers for Google Educator certification Level 1 and Level 2 tests. While not mandatory, learning the skills necessary for certification is a great way to boost digital competency to take advantage of the tools available. Our latest addition - Google Educator Intermediate to Advanced Course will expand the horizons of what teachers can do with the new Google tools and features. So even if you are not preparing to take the certification test, we guarantee you will learn something new, useful and practical.

"This was a great adventure. I have learned so much that I can’t wait to try."Mary

Take a look at what real teachers have said about their experience with 360 ProPD by checking out some of the reviews currently on our site. You will immediately understand why our courses are so popular, and why school leaders are adding 360 ProPD to their teacher learning resources in record numbers. With our easy to navigate administrator dashboard, administrators are able to check on the progress of their teachers, download reports, and sign-up new teachers in minutes.

What are you waiting for?

Visit 360pd.com today and give these great courses a try. Big summer discounts are available now as well, so your timing is great. The team at 360 ProPD have created an email/letter template that you can customize and share with decision makers at your school to spread the news. We offer live webinars, custom landing pages for your school or district, custom content for your groups, and more.

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