How Are You Doing
In The New World of Virtual Learning?

If you lead or teach in a K12 school, you’re probably familiar with these persistent, real-life problems:

  • Teachers must learn new tech-based tools and approaches. That means learning to adapt to new conditions and learn new ideas on the fly—in addition to their usual duties.
  • Principals must support and lead teachers. To give teachers the effective support and guidance they need, principals must learn to recognize first-rate PD and rate teacher performance with some new rules.
  • Administrators must maximize value of PD resources. That means getting the highest yield—improved teaching performance—per PD budget dollar spent.

These problems are real and won’t go away.
We designed our 360PD Plus program to help you push back at these problems—and win.

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Discover our 360PD Plus program and resources for teachers. They are easy to learn and use, they support teacher mentorship programs, and maximize the power of each PD budget dollar.

The 360PD Plus

AXI 360PD Plus is PD built on new ideas and approaches—customized continuing ed and multi-phase instruction. 360PD Plus combines traditional online learning, live webinars, and customized, live instruction to meet your personal and school-wide requirements.

AXI provides 360PD Plus as an annual subscription service for each school. Each teacher’s 12-month subscription includes online resources and services, such as:

  • Live and virtual PD resources for teachers.
  • Google Distance Learning
  • Promethean

Cloud-based 360PD Plus services are available singly or in combination at an affordable, per-school, fixed cost.

The 360PD Online PD Platform

These videos serve up self-paced, virtual lessons in bite-sized pieces, which you can engage at any time. They cover hundreds of topics and include real-life lesson examples, teaching ideas, and resources designed to build teacher confidence and effectiveness. Check out these 360PD Online resources:

When you sign up for 360PD Online services, you also qualify for weekly reviews of your progress, coaching tips, and more.

360PD Live Events

There’s nothing like real people at the other end of a telecom connection to stimulate an educator’s confidence and motivation. Experienced, qualified, former teachers run our live events, which complement our online offerings.

Monthly Instructor-Led Webinars

Our instructors have trained thousands of educators in our wildly successful conference presentations. Now, they will share the same spirit and know-how with you via webinars. Here are some recent topics:

A Full Year of Live and Virtual Professional Development for Traditional and Distance Learning for one Affordable Fixed Cost Per School

Google • Distance Learning • Promethean

Five Star Rated

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Custom Live Virtual Sessions For Your School Needs

One free live virtual face to face event customized to your school’s priorities and needs down to the grade level, subject area or specific curriculum and applications. Tell us what you need and we will design what you need.

Choose From These Examples or Make Your Own:

  • Distance Learning
  • Learning in a Virtual Environment
  • Engagement in the Asynchronous Classroom
  • Google Tips and Tricks
  • Teacher Tips – Microsoft Classroom
  • Google Classroom: Teacher vs Student

Customized Professional Development is not only affordable for your district or your school, but it is also scalable – this is a solution that allows you to grow as you go.


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